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One of the early steps in developing CityPlace will be to determine the legal structure of the community.  Some of the questions to be answered are:

  • Will CityPlace be owner occupied, rental, or a combination?

  • Will Comprehensive Care be the owner and manager of the community?

  • How do we select eligible residents without risking discrimination?

  • How will we assure that the community remains available in the future exclusively for moderate-income seniors and young adults with disabilities?


Moderate-income seniors in Wilmington are those with an income of approximately $40,450, according to the City's Office of Community Services.  The median sale price of homes in Wilmington is well over $200,000 and rising.  Seniors with moderate incomes are stuck in the middle – too wealthy for subsidized housing, but hard-pressed to afford the majority of available homes and, likewise, priced out of assisted living, which averages $5,355 per month.

Young adults with disabilities typically receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and are, by definition, “extremely low income” according to standards set by HUD.  In Wilmington, the median annual income for an individual is approximately $42,000.  “Extremely low income” is 30% of the median or $12,600.  Maximum SSI income is just under $12,000 a year.  Parents may supplement their young adults' budgets, but care must be taken not to jeopardize their eligibility for benefits.

With these facts in mind, Comprehensive Care is aware of the need to keep community development costs down so that purchase price or rents will be within the means of potential residents.

Development of CityPlace involves many phases.  Today we are in Phase One which we estimate will cost $40 - 50,000.  Phase One includes:

  •   Holding  focus groups of seniors and parents of youth with disabilities, testing assumptions   about   housing and support needs and preferences, and producing a consensus statement

  •  Identifying potential community sites, optioning sites, and conducting due diligence

  •  Determining community legal structure as described above

  •  Conducting community outreach to align financial-programmatic support

  •  Securing ongoing financing

Funding for Phase One is being sought from foundations, individual donors, potential CityPlace residents and their families, faith communities, and others who share our vision.

Beyond Phase One, actual development of the community may involve new construction, or purchase and rehab of existing structures.  Financing may include a combination of:

  • Private donations from individuals and charitable organizations

  • Construction loans from financial institutions

  • City, State or federal affordable housing loans and grants

  • Collaborations with and among large non-profit organizations

  • Loan guarantees by financially sound organizations

If you have resources or expertise to share in any of these areas, please contact us.

If our vision for CityPlace interests you, your tax-deductible contribution of any size is welcome and appreciated.  Click on the "Contact and Contribute" button above to send your gift.

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